A Custom Leather Dog Collar
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Concho Selection

Winston says the first step in designing your new collar/belt is to decide which conchos to use.  Select a theme, then select the conchos that match your theme.  Use the number and name when ordering so there is no confusion as to which conchos you like. Be sure to give the placement on the collar. 

      1. Alphabet   2. American Flag      3. Angel Fire       4. Augustus


     5.  Bullet                6. Card Suit          7. Chrystal Rope Berry          8. Diablo

    9. Double               10. Eagle Star              12. Horseshoe          13. Horseshoe
    Horseshoe                                                       Rope Berry

14. Mesa Round         15. Milan Heart      16. Oval Chrystal         17. Oval Shiloh

18. Prairie Dust     20. Rectangle Chrystal     21. Rome             22. Round Chrystal
                                             Canyon                                                         Canyon


23. Running Horse    24. Shotgun Shell           25. Star                 26. 3D Texas Star

27. Silver Rope Berry 

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