Measuring The Collar

Measuring for your new collar

Buckle Collars

Winston reminds you that these are all custom made so it is important to properly measure for your new collar. He shows you the three ways to measure for the custom collar.

There are 3 ways to measure your dog’s collar size.

If your dog wears a “buckle” collar lay the collar flat. Then measure from the end of the buckle to the hole your dog wears the collar at. All Colorado Custom Collars will have the center hole at this measurement, but also holes to either side if adjustment is necessary. This collar would be 16”

If your dog wears a “snap” collar measure the distance from the smaller end of the collar at the point the snap attaches to the nylon to end of the larger section of the snap. Be sure to include only one section of the buckle in your measurement. This collar would be 13”.

Or use a tape measure to measure the comfortable distance around the dog’s neck. Be sure to measure where you would like the collar to fit. This collar would be 22 1/2 inches.

Smaller dogs (under 15" neck) may want to add 1/2" to collar size if the current collar is a thin nylon collar. This will allow for the slightly thicker leather. These collars look best when they fit loosely around the neck.

Martingale Collars

A martingale collar is a buckle-less collar than can slip easily over your dog’s head. These collars fit loosely around the neck, but will tighten if the dog pulls or tugs at the leash. With proper fitting the martingale will not choke the dog as they tighten only to a pre-determined measurement. These collars are good for dogs whose head and neck are similar size and slip out of a buckle style collar. As a martingale collar is an "easy-on easy-off style” collar they can also be useful for the dog who doesn't wear a collar around the house, but needs a collar for walks. They are also great for the competitive dog who needs a collar and leash for the walk from the crate to the ring, but has the collar removed during their run. It is not recommended you leave the martingale collar on your dog all the time.

Measurements should be taken at three points:

  • #1 the widest portion of your dog’s head. This is usually over the forehead and cheeks. The collar must comfortably slip over this portion of the head.
  • #2 the narrowest portion of the neck. This is usually right behind the ears.
  • #3 at the point where the collar will rest comfortable around the dog’s neck. The collar should rest at this point when the dog is at a loose leash walk.

Winston says he will model his martingale collar for you. When there is tension on the leash the collar will tighten. The leather does not extend all the way around his neck, but stops behind his ears. The buckles on the leather do not touch or overlap, and there is approximately 1-2 inches between the two. When he's just hanging around the collar falls back comfortably on his neck.